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What's Included:

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You'll be getting a 155 page binder with that include homesteading checklists, eCover pages and so much more.

I've already did the hard work for you by adding all the 35 articles to this binder, adding in checklist pages and worksheets that any newbie homesteader will love. First Year Skills they can learn no matter where they live.

As a Bonus you'll also get the PowerPoint Editable File, perfect for Low Content creators. Also you'll get my notes that I took while creating this binder, that will help you create more binders with all the PLR you have loaded up on your computer but not using. Start creating Journals and Binders with those Today!

Binder Includes The Following:

155 Page Binder, eCover, with PDF and font files. This is 8x11 Size Binder and Big Bonus! The Editable PowerPoint File! Plus How To Create A Binder with PLR 6 Page Report.

List of Pages in Binder:

Cover Belongs To Page
Homesteading For Newbies Tips & Tricks Page
What Is Homesteading Pages What It Means To Live On A Homestead Pages
Benefits Of Starting A Homestead Pages
Common Mistakes People Make When Starting A Homestead Pages
Homestead Skills To Learn Cover Page
What Skills Are Needed To Become A Homesteader Pages
Simple Things You Can Do Now If You Want To Be A Homesteader Pages
10 Essential Things Needed To Start A Homestead Pages
Homestead Skills To Learn Checklist Filled
Homestead Skills To Learn Checklist Blank
Homestead First Year Goals Cover Page
Making Master Goal List For Newbie Homesteaders Pages
Homestead Why Start One Checklist
Homestead First Year Goals Ideas Checklist
Master Homestead Goals Outline Filled
Master Homestead Goals Outline Blank
Master Homestead Goals Outline Blank Lined Pages
First Year Newbie Homestead Skills You Can Learn From Apartment Pages
First Year Newbie Homestead Checklist Filled
First Year Newbie Homestead Checklist Blank
How To Start A Homestead No Matter Where You Live Pages
How To Be Prepared Like A Homesteader Pages
Getting Started Guide To Homestead Living Pages
Homestead Wish List Blank Lined Page
9 Easy Steps To Start Your Very Own Backyard Homestead Pages
How An Apartment Dweller Can Move Out An Start A Homestead With Very Little Money Pages
Homestead Wish List Lined
Notes Page Buying Land Tips Cover Page
How To Buy Land For Homesteading Pages
Tips On Buying A Homestead On A Budget Pages
Where To Start Looking For Homestead Land When Your Broke
How Country Neighbors Etiquette Is Different Pages
10 Top Things To Consider Before Buying Land For A Homestead Pages
Homestead Buying Land Checklist Filled
Homestead Buying Land Checklist Blank
Homestead Land Buying Notes Blank Line
10 Reasons Why To Never Buy Your First Homestead Property Sight Unseen Pages
What To Do If There Is No Water On The Homestead Property Pages
How To Live On Land With No Running Water Or Electricity Pages
Must Have Off Grid Essentials For Your Homestead Pages
Essential Power Equipment Needed For The New Homesteader Pages
Work At Home Ideas Cover Page
How Do Homesteaders Make Money Pages
How To Start An Urban Homestead Business Pages
10 Work At Home Ideas For Homesteaders Pages
Homestead Money Making Ideas Blank Line Page
Work At Home Ideas For Homesteaders Blank Lined Page
Homestead Chicken Tips & Tricks Cover Page
Homestead Tips For Raising Chickens For Profit Pages
Homestead Baby Chicks Care 101 Pages
Homestead Laying Chickens The Benefits Of Tracking Egg Production Pages
Monthly Egg Collection Sheet Annual Egg Collection Sheet
How To Thrive During Rough Times On The Homestead Pages
Must Have Kitchen Gadgets For Your Homestead Pages
Kitchen Gadget Wish List Blank Lined
Easy Garden Vegetable To Grow That Will Keep You From Starving Pages
Benefits Of Growing A Garden In Containers For Homesteaders Pages
16 Must Haves Garden Tools For Your Homestead Pages
Homestead Income and Expense Sheets Cover Page
Homestead Expense Sheet Blank Lined Page
Homestead Income Sheet Blank Lined Page
Homestead Farmers Market Cover Page
Monthly Farmers Market Event Planner Checklist Blank
Farmers Market To-Do List Blank Page
Farmers Market Inventory Checklist Lined Blank
Farmers Market Sales Sheet Lined Blank
Homestead Food Preserve Challenge Cover Page
Food Preserving Planner Lined Page Blank
Food Preserve Challenge Checklist
Food Preserve Challenge Recipes Sheet
Preserves Notes Lined Sheet
Homestead Notes Cover Page
Weekly Chores Sheet Lined Blank
Homestead Project Planner Lined Blank
Garden Tool Wish List Sheet
Plants Wish List Lined Sheet
Homestead Garden Planner Lined Sheet
Homestead Harvest Sheet
Seeds On Hand Sheet
Blank Lined Sheet
Homestead Wish List Lined Sheet
Another Blank Lined Page
Homestead Notes Blank Lined Page

How To Use The Binder?

  • Sell as is on your website.
  • Brand and upload to Amazon, Etsy or other online outlet for Instant Download Printable Business.
  • Make a course with all the checklists, add book as download in course. Selling for $200-$400.

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Warm Regards,

Michelle Farmer
PLR Niche Shop

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